Lash Extensions - which style is right for me?

I specialize in creating a custom flattering look based on your natural features and natural lash health. Unlimited lashes applied, which means no counting lashes here! I want you to leave each appointment with a full-set worth of lashes every time.

Natural lash health is a priority. I work with you to pick the appropriate length and style of lash set to achieve your ideal look without overburdening your lashes. A brief description of the three different styles are detailed here:


The Classic style gives the look of volumizing mascara. This is great if you're sick of mascara but love to look put together, even when you only have time to get-up-and-go. These are single extensions applied to a single natural lash; they come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses and curls. With these options, I will make sure that your extensions flatters your unique eye shape.


It's more than just the mascara-look of Classics, it gives depth and texture, more like the look of eyeliner and mascara combined. Not sure if Volume or Classic is right for you? Try both with a Hybrid set of extensions. You will have a nice blend of length and fullness.


Don't be scared, Volume Extensions can look tastefully natural. Volume is the fullest darkest and most dramatic out of the three. This will give you a textured look and is similar to the strip-lash look. It may surprise you, but this is actually the safest for women with thin, brittle, weak, or damaged lashes because they are the lightest of the three options.



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