What's all the glow about?

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

This is not your 80's skin-falling-off-peel! But if you remember the 80s, you probably know that cell turnover slows dramatically as we age. Dermalogica peels will not push the skin to the point of severe inflammation and possible scarring. Dermalogica wants to promote overall skin health and with more frequent peels that are less invasive, you receive the regular resurfacing you need to accelerate cell turnover and renewal rates. With little to no downtown chemical peels are an excellent treatment choice for a wide range of skin concerns, from acne and hyperpigmentation to advanced signs of ageing. Despite their varying uses, most peels work in the same way: they remove the skin's outermost layers to stimulate cell renewal and cell turnover, improving skin's texture and appearance. That said, since everybody's skin is different, the best solution is to create completely customized peels - which is where the Pro Power Peel comes into play. Dermalogica's strongest and fastest peel enables me to professionally tailor each treatment to your skin concerns, helping you achieve your healthiest skin ever. For more information visit my Skin Care Page and feel free to contact me.


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